Q. Maybe you’ve met with Monica Lewinsky throughout the White Domestic between the circumstances out of midnight and you can half dozen a great

A. Now, i’ll just tell, when she is actually performing around, during the, there will was in fact a period when we had been the – we had been right up doing work later. There are numerous, towards a night, in the event the Congress is within class, you will find usually numerous anyone around until late on night, but There isn’t one memory of the. I just are unable to say that there might have been a period of time when you to occurred, I simply – but I really don’t think about they.

Q. It might be over the top, would it, for Betty Currie to be in the fresh new White Domestic ranging from midnight and you may six a good.m., would it?

A. Better, I don’t know, due to the fact typically I’m not indeed there ranging from midnight and you may half dozen, thus i would not know how several times the woman is here. Those are inquiries might need to ask this lady. I simply cannot say.

Most likely some time ahead of Xmas

Q. Enjoys it actually taken place one a white Family listing was created you to shown this new Monica Lewinsky try meeting with Betty Currie when actually Monica Lewinsky is actually interviewing your?

MR. BENNETT: No, Your own Honor, I’m going to indeed allow president respond to one, however, I object to the form of the question because it assumes things perhaps not for the research, and i once more concern the good-faith within distinct thinking.

Court WRIGHT: I overrule the brand new objection. I could allow it. The type many of your solutions has been he doesn’t bear in mind or he will not know, and therefore he’s got maybe not www.datingranking.net/escort-directory/simi-valley downright rejected they. This really is advancement and you can I’ll allow the concern. Just do it.

Q. Yes sir. Has actually they actually happened you to a light House record is made one to reflected you to Betty Currie are ending up in Monica Lewinsky when in reality you’re ending up in Monica Lewinsky?

I mean We, Rahm Emanuel comes during that back-door to your home and you will the newest hallway you talked about three to four minutes twenty four hours, unannounced, unscheduled, possibly at night, both on the daytime

A beneficial. In my opinion we have a record of people one to, one discover me. You will find – I do believe there is certainly an eye on anyone that comes in the and you will outside of the White Family. Needless to say people who do work there and also permission in order to show up will come inside and out and you can move around in and out from the workplaces, and i don’t know if you will find information of all the individuals meetings or otherwise not. Eg you will find several away from my teams somebody I pick several times day, and i also don’t know whether you will find an eye on most of the big date I see men and women.

Q. Alright, sir, and that i take pleasure in you to, but simply to get perfect I am not saying asking from the facts regarding men and women coming into the brand new White House, but I am inquiring specifically regarding suggestions out of group meetings with you.

A good. The response to which is I am not sure. I’ve not a clue if there is tabs on each and every time he involves discover me. We have no idea when there is track of anytime John Podesta comes down the new hall and you can sticks his head in the and you can talks to myself on one thing. I recently have no idea. I don’t know the solution to their question.

Q. Your believe, don’t you, that there exists at the very least certain group meetings which you have having which there isn’t any written number produced, correct?

A good. I am not sure the solution to one to. It continue a pretty good number of everything I actually do, I believe.

Good. I’m seeking remember. She emerged by observe Betty sometime in advance of Christmas. And she is actually indeed there talking-to their, and that i trapped my personal head out, told you good morning so you can the lady.